Dansende Shiva

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"Dansende Shiva" (Natraj Shiva).  Håndsmidd av messing i India.
Liten : 9,5 cm høy x 8 cm i diameter.  Medium:  12,5 cm høy x 10 cm i diameter.

Se forøvrig forklaring om SHIVA her.

"Shiva is the Hindu name for the Universal Godhead, or divine creative energy. In India dance is an extemely intricate art form requiring skill and dicipline. Every dance posture has a specific meaning, and all dances portray some expression of life.

The Shiva Natraj holds a "damaru" or small drum in his upper right hand and a tongue of flames in his upper left hand. The drum and fire signify the opposing forces of creation and destruction. The lower right hand gestures "abhaya" to remove fear, and the lower left hand gestures favoring the viewer.

The dancing figure, encircled by a ring of fire, depicts the cosmos coming into being through intense energy. Shiva's dance is known as the "Dance of Life".