Jointhylse "Saverette"

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Saverette KS Smoking Black,

How does the Saverette work?

Put your burning cigarette, the lighted cone first, into your Saverette and close the lid accordingly. The Saverette can be emptied in the nearest trashcan or you can re-light your cigarette on a later occasion without any loss of taste. The Saverette is made out of a heatproof synthetic material, with guarenties a 100 % safe storage of your burning cigarette.

When to use your Saverette?

Just when you lighted a cigarette:

• Your bus, train, or taxi arrives.
• Your (smoking) break is interrupted
• Dinner is served.
• Somebody close to you complains about the smoke

And of course when you don’t feel like smoking a whole cigarette, the Saverette is the ideal solution.

the name Saverette comes form "Save the Sigarette"