Vape juice / Smaksvæske nikotinfri (Joyetech og ExcluCig)

Vape juice / Smaksvæske nikotinfri (Joyetech og ExcluCig)

eRoll MAC e-sigarett

225,00 kr
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eRoll MAC

Hendig og god vape e-sigarett;

ikke stort større enn en vanlig sigarett.

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Joyetech eRoll MAC Simple Overview

The Joyetech eRoll MAC vape pen is an elegant all-in-one e-cig. This easy to use e-cig features an automatic draw, 0.55ml refillable tank, advanced 1.5ohm ceramic coil for amazing flavour and a 180mAh rechargeable battery.

What Vapers Should Buy the Joyetech eRoll MAC Simple?

This is an e-cig for new vapers. Ideal for those who want to use a higher nicotine strength of e-liquid, prefer vaping nic salts or want a slim, elegant e-cig that will provide outstanding flavour and simulate the sensation of smoking.

For regular vapers, this would be great as a second e-cig. Perfect for a night out, or for keeping in the car. It is a perfect size for being kept in a pocket or handbag, providing outstanding flavour from your e-liquid.

Joyetech eRoll MAC Simple Highlights

  • Integrated 1.5ohm ceramic coil
  • Ideal for higher nicotine e-liquid or nic salts
  • Automatic draw battery