Liten Drømmefanger i rattan

Liten Drømmefanger i rattan


Drømmefanger "Patuxet"


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70 cm lang.

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Native American Peace Pipe

A Native American peace pipe is often used in a spiritual ceremony.  During the ceremony, Native Americans will smoke from the peace pipe and say a prayer to the four directions.   The Native American peace pipe is not restricted to being used only be Native Americans, but it is a spiritual thing and what it symbolizes must be respected by everyone attending the ceremony.  Other types of pipes used in ceremonies were the medicine pipe and the war pipe.  The Indian that carried the peace pipe was often allowed to pass through enemy territory out of respect.  The war pipe had red feathers symbolizing blood and was smoked before going into battle.

A prized tribal artifact, the peacepipe was believed to embody the power of truth, and once held, one only spoke with absolute authority