ROOR brønner/pipehoder

ROOR brønner/pipehoder

ROOR glassmunnstykker

125,00 kr
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fra ROOR

Pr. stk.:  kr 125,-
Eske med 3 forskjellige (se bildet):  kr 299,-

Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips by ROOR

Hits from the bong. I wanna get high. – CYPRESS HILL’s artistic activities are inseparable from their engagement for an established smoking culture. These guys just know what they are talking about and hence have always loved and cherished ROOR. An esteem which is mutual.

Out of the collaboration between ROOR and the cult rappers, a revolutionary product was born: the PHUNCKY FEEL TIPS – of course made from the high-quality borosilicate glass typical for ROOR.

The three tips (two flat, one round) are delivered in a small metal box. Robust, clean, fits in every pocket.