Batteri pilleeske C- str.

Batteri pilleeske C- str.

BLACK LEAF snus dispenser

249,00 kr
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BLACK LEAF coke dispenser.  5,3 cm 
Kommer med 2 reserve gummi O-ringer. Beste kvalitet!


"Like ammo for some sort of amazing rainbow gun, the Black Leaf bullet sispenser will blow you away. This model is used in the same way as the original Blizzard but boasts a fancy new redesign full of subtle modifications and differences.

The Black Leaf snuff Bullet allows you to take hits of snuff whenever you want with no mess.
You don't even have to sit down, it's as easy as an inhaler for a blocked nose!

Here's how to use it:

1) Unscrew the base and fill it up with snuff. Close it back up again and twist the arrow so that it points downwards.

2) Now hold the bullet upside-down and give it a flick to empty some snuff into the compartment inside.

3) Keeping the arrow pointing upwards, twist the bullet back to the right way round, with the sniffing hole at the top.

4) Inhale through your nose and enjoy!

Comes with 2 spare rubber O-rings.

Tip a little oil around the rubber O-ring makes twisting really smooth and easy."

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