SMAUG langpipe - Lord of the Rings - 30 cm

SMAUG langpipe - Lord of the Rings - 30 cm

SAURON - Ringenes Herre pipe - 14 cm

745,00 kr
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SHIRE pipe fra Ringenes Herre serien - 14 cm
med Saurons øye inngravert.

Laget i kvalitets Kirsebær tre med ibenholt finish.

  • Length: 14cm
  • Cherry wood, ebony finish
  • Bent apple style pipe
  • Poking/tamping tool, bowl screens and pipe cleaners included
  • Special The Lord of the Rings collector's edition gift box packaging
  • Mortise and tenon stem connection

From his tower deep within Mordor, the Eye of Sauron roams the land searching for the One Ring. With this powerful artefact, Sauron plans to rule over the land in a reign of darkness. However, the dark king does not account for the depths of courage to be found in the hearts of Hobbits. Underestimating the power of good was his true downfall.

With the Sauron Pipe, you can feel the radiance of power while wielding that power with a sense of humility. This bent apple style hand pipe is made from quality cherry wood and features an Eye of Sauron design, flaming in gold. Perfect for plotting success from within your empyreal fortress.